Demos (band only)


Our self-titled debut is HERE. Please learn all of the songs on this album that are relevant to you (i.e. there is no drum part on Sour Cherries so clark does not need to know it.) They are free to download or stream on Bandcamp.

You can also find instrumentals of 4 of the tracks on this Bandcamp page.

Bedouin Cowboy

My first album (“Bedouin Cowboy”) is HERE. The songs we play from this album are (please learn them):

  • Swampers at Fame

  • Garden Full of Medicine

  • Killing Clark Kent

  • Working

These are also a free download or stream on Bandcamp.

Demos (click to DL)

These are songs we play that have not yet been recorded. Click the song title to DL the MP3.

New stuff

These are songs I’ve written and am sharing with you for your consideration. Should we play them? Do you have suggestions about how to make them better (lyrics, melodies, structure etc.?) How should we play them as a group?