"I really enjoyed Muhammad Seven's songs and the presentation of them. Satisfying grooves and surprising choices that made me occasionally laugh out loud in the car, just because i didn't see them coming and appreciated the personality and the creative spirit."


- Kris Delmhorst



"This guy's writing really important songs."


- Tom Bianchi, producer of the Burren Backroom Series



"Muhammad Seven reminds me of what a male human being would be like. I've never met one, but I've read books on the subject, and he fits the model. My planet has much to learn about this species. Some may try to probe him, but he may not acquiesce to their wishes. Perhaps we should just take unobtrusive notes for a while."


- Dr. Yrep Pi Ls, AKA Chris "Sandman" Sand, Montana's Rappin' Cobwoy


For press and bookings, feel free to contact M7 for a free download of the album "Bedouin Cowboy".

About M7

Muhammad Seven is an Iranian-American singer/songwriter from Boston. His narrative lyricism pays as much homage to Hafiz and Saadi as it does to Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, with deeply personal and political statements nestled amongst metaphors and vivid specificity. You might also listen carefully for the unmistakable influence of ‘90’s era hip-hop.


Current project: writing a soundtrack for the resistance.


Photo credit: Danny Schissler (except for the live photos)